oral health

Your Mouth is the Gateway to Your Health

Regularly seeing a dentist is about far more than maintaining healthy teeth, as your mouth is a gateway to your overall health. The connection between oral and general health is because of mouth bacteria that feed on leftover food, creating toxins and acids that infect and inflame your gums, eventually creating gum disease. Without proper dental care, gum disease can worsen, and eventually your gums will bleed frequently and begin to pull away from the teeth, creating deep gaps or pockets.

Mouth bacteria can enter the bloodstream through bleeding gums. When these bacteria enter your bloodstream, they can cause more inflammation in your body. We know this can make it harder to control diseases like diabetes, and advanced gum disease is also linked to many other health problems like cardiovascular disease, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis and respiratory diseases.

The good news is that gum disease is preventable with proper daily oral care combined with regular checkups and cleanings.  We can work with you to ensure you understand your oral health more fully, and the potential impact on overall health. With excellent preventative care, we can make sure you enjoy a healthier mouth and knowing you are protecting your overall health is enough to make anyone smile.