Why You Should Enjoy All Your Treats in One Go

Were you planning to savour your Halloween haul over several months or do you indulge and eat your treats all at once? If it is the latter, there is some good news!

An obesity researcher at the University of Sydney has discovered that eating chocolate every day could be worse for weight gain compared with eating an entire bar of chocolate in one sitting. It’s all due to something called adaptive thermogenesis, where our metabolism speeds up when we ingest a lot of calories during one meal. The more kilojoules consumed, the greater the increase in your metabolism.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you are immune from weight gain as you will still absorb the calories if you decide to binge on Halloween treats. Although your metabolism may increase, you are still eating more food, to begin with, but adaptive thermogenesis can have a protective effect against the occasional episode of overindulging. If you hardly ever overeat and want to have ice cream or chocolate occasionally, it probably won’t do you any harm.

Additionally, eating all your chocolate once can be healthier for your teeth as it’s repeated exposure to sugars and acid that does the damage. Just remember to brush your teeth thoroughly afterwards.