When and when not to brush your teeth?

As a custom practice, we are grown up by putting in the habit of brushing our teeth in morning ideally before breakfast; in many houses even before or along with bath (shower). Diligent people may opt for it twice even thrice a day. But doing brushing by knowing certain consequences can ensure you a smart care of your teeth.

For example brushing immediate after or within 30 minutes of eating acidic meals and drinks can push acid deeper into enamel and dentin layer thus causes problem of sensitivity of your teeth. This can damage your teeth, erode enamel and dentin layer below it. So we should brush by keeping following points into consideration:

    1. Brushing in the morning buffers your teeth from acid attacks: Brushing in the morning before breakfast is always the best time for same because salivary calcium levels are lowest during these hours due to night sleep. It puts your teeth at highest risk of acidic attack from bacteria and dietary acids in the morning. So brushing before breakfast starts the salivary flow and adds in fluoride to the mix which buffers against acids.


    1. If you don’t want bacteria consume your sugar then brush before breakfast: Well they are monsters and their favourite food is all sorts of sugar you consume in a meal, remaining they will metabolize into acids. So clearing them out before food ensures you a more delicious and nutritious meal.


    1. Simply to washout morning time bacteria from mouth. It keeps your teeth protected from any bacteria disease.


  1. Don’t brush immediate after eating of acidic foods and/or soft drinks: Because both foods soften your enamel and make your teeth more sensitively vulnerable to toothbrush abrasion, so pay greater attention and as said in above example also, if to brush then brush after minimum 30 to 60 minutes.

As a conclusion don’t miss morning teeth brushing pertaining to reasons said above and if to do twice or more times in a day then take care of point four.