What the colour of your tongue says?

White coated tongue means dwell of stinky bacteria; a pink tongue covered with papillae and small nodules means healthy tongue that too with odour free breath if teeth are also properly brushed!

Bad odour of breath is a very big hurdle in communicating with closed ones and professionals both. Though an odourless breathing is an intangible factors but it is felt by the person sitting in front at very moment of your mouth opening.

As an overview a complete oral health means clean & strong teeth, bacteria free tongue and odour free breathing. To keep our tongue free of bacteria, food debris and dead cells it is mandatory to cleanse it minimum twice a day (ideally along with brushing before breakfast and before sleeping in the night) and gargling or rinsing after every meal around the clock.

Although there are more than a dozen reasons behind a white tongue for example dehydration, illness, dry mouth, fever, reaction to certain medicines, alcohol, smoking or tabacco use etc. but in this article our prime focus is on oral health of the tongue.

There is a fungus called as candida, which resides in our mouth as normal layer but when it starts accumulating, it spreads to the mouth roof, gums, tongue, tonsils, even up to back of the throat. This spreading is alarmingly dangerous as it may cause whiteness or redness or even bleeding in tongue and white lesions.

For a healthy pink shining tongue, following should be implied:

    1. Brush your teeth and gums at least twice a day to ensure a proper oral hygiene.


  1. Scrap you tongue that can remove bacteria, debris and dead skin cells from the tongue. It is the most powerful method to get rid of odour of breath if it is caused by tongue. Tongue scraper should be used for cleaning of tongue. Clean your tongue as far back as possible.

Be cautious:

    • White tongue is usually harmless and temporary only. But overgrowth of candida or poor oral hygiene can cause infection.


  • It is not the candida or poor oral hygiene behind cause of whiteness of tongue. It can be due to your other physical and mental illnesses too.