Smiling for Healthy Teeth this summer

The summer holidays are a wonderful time of year, filled with fun events and parties, and gift-buying and giving. Unfortunately, they are also a time when teeth are more vulnerable because of festive foods packed with sugar, or holiday-related accidents. We have outlined a few ways you can still enjoy the season without harming your pearly whites.

  1. Keep cleaning your teeth twice a day at least and flossing once daily. Make sure you brush your teeth for at least two minutes, and you could always consider using an antibacterial mouthwash for a bit more protection.
  2. Love playing sports? Talk to us about a custom-fitted mouthguard. A custom-made mouthguard is comfortable to use and provides maximum protection, cushioning your teeth and gums against accidental blows to the mouth. A sports-related dental injury can be extremely upsetting and costly to fix, and we’d much rather see you preserve your natural teeth.
  3. Avoid foods that can harm your teeth, such as very sugary or acidic foods. When you do fancy an indulgence, enjoy them during a meal when your mouth is already acidic and overall damage is reduced. Snacking on these foods increases the time your teeth are exposed to harmful acids. After eating, rinse your mouth with plain water to wash away excess sugars.