Restorative Dentistry

Crown & Bridge:

Crown & bridge are the most common restoration procedures used in dentistry when it comes to missing, broken, cracked, chipped or discolored teeth. We will restore your smile to its most natural state, helping you to feel confident again. We use the highest quality Australian made crowns & bridges that will match your own teeth so well that no one will ever know they’re not the real thing. Crown & bridge last for a long time with good oral hygiene.

A crown is a cap that fits over the tooth. They cover & protect tooth that is damaged & cannot be restored with fillings. The procedure is typically done in two visits. Crowns can range from porcelain to ceramic crowns. They look & function like natural teeth.

A dental bridge can be used if a patient wants to replace tooth without wearing dentures or wants to replace one or more missing teeth. The tooth is held in place by two crowns. There are several benefits associated with bridge. They are very stable, strong & prevents wearing down on surrounding teeth.


A denture may be used to replace single tooth, multiple teeth or a full arch of teeth. It is made of acrylic plastic and sometimes porcelain and metal materials. It may take some time for you to get used to denture when you wear it for the first time. You may experience irritation & soreness. To get used to chewing with a new denture, start with easy to chew foods. Dentures are more economical as compared to bridge or an implant. Dentures are removable making it easier for you to clean them.

There is no substitute for the perfect smile. Our experienced team of dentists can help you decide the right treatment for you. Book your initial consultation today.