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Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can make it difficult or impossible to have regular preventative dental care. Often people with phobias or fears will fail to have regular check-ups and the mere thought of seeing a dentist can raise their heart rate, may cause low blood pressure, fainting or sweating. Unfortunately, this can create a vicious circle, where a lack of regular dental care increases the risk of dental emergencies and the need for more complicated treatment.

If this sounds familiar, Lethbridge Dental can help you break this cycle and we only ask that you let us know how you feel when you speak to our friendly reception team. We provide compassionate dental care and once we understand your fears and phobias, we will ensure treatment is given in a way that feels comfortable for you. One way we can help you is to provide sedation dentistry. Every dental sedation option is carefully tailored to ensure you feel relaxed during your appointment. We work with a highly experienced and extremely well respected anaesthetic team.

Sedation dentistry is a great way to help restore your dental health. By ensuring every visit is a positive experience, we can help you overcome your dental anxieties, so that you can receive the very best regular preventative dental care.