Oral Health and the Link with Your General Health

Did you realise that ongoing preventative dental care can do far more than help you maintain a healthy smile? In fact, looking after your teeth and gums can help your overall health. Also, dentists can tell quite a bit about your general health just by looking inside your mouth. When you have poor oral health, it’s entirely possible you may have other health problems too.

One of the most significant connections between oral and general health is gum disease. It’s been the subject of numerous clinical studies, and there is a relationship between periodontal or gum disease and serious health problems including heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Women who have advanced gum disease are at higher risk of having a preterm and low birthweight baby.

Regularly seeing a dentist can help tremendously to keep your mouth in great shape. Your dentist can closely monitor your dental health and can quickly detect other problems that could indicate health issues. Also, any dental problems that do arise are usually much more easily treated. In between dental visits make sure you brush twice a day for at least two minutes, using fluoridated toothpaste. Don’t forget to floss because your toothbrush cannot reach right in between your teeth. Eating a healthy diet will protect your teeth and gums and your general health.