Learn How to Make Smarter Snacking Choices

Love to snack? Follow our easy strategies for smarter snacking.

Plan Ahead

Instead of grabbing something on the go, plan what you will eat in advance so you can choose foods that are nutritious and satiating. You shouldn’t need more than a couple of snacks, one in the morning and one mid-afternoon to keep you going. Choose a reasonable portion size that allows you to eat decent sized meals without piling on the weight.

Take Time to Enjoy Your Snack

Wait until you actually feel hungry before eating your snack. If you graze frequently, it’s easy never to experience real hunger cues. Instead, you could end up eating out of habit.

Don’t Exercise on an Empty Stomach

Although some people may want to exercise in a fasted state, others will find they are weak and unable to exercise properly without a good quality snack beforehand. Choose foods that will provide you with plenty of energy and a good mix is around 30% protein, 10% fat and 60% carbohydrates. If you eat something too fatty can beat hard to digest.

Choose Real Food over Processed

Opt for whole foods like nuts, fruits and vegetables and cheese. Avoid foods that contain higher amounts of sugar and salt or have ingredients you cannot pronounce. Look for single servings of tuna and whole-grain crackers or all-natural trail mix.