International Women’s Day – The Evolution of Women in the Dental Industry – meet Dr Sonia Kharinta

We recently celebrated International Women’s Day and thought it would be nice to look at the way women are increasingly graduating with dental degrees. Nowadays, when you visit the dentist, it’s far more likely you will see a woman dentist, and many will go on to inspire other women to enter this profession.

This evolution has come about because more women perceive dentistry as their perfect career, bringing different qualities to this industry compared with men. Women find dentistry an ideal career choice where they can show compassion and empathy for patients while still having a good work-life balance. They usually have a gentle touch, and smaller hands can make dental treatment more comfortable. Female dentists tend to be excellent listeners, discussing patients concerns and taking the time to connect with them and to build relationships.

Here at Lethbridge Dental Clinic, our principal dentist is Dr Sonia Kharinta. Dr Sonia is renowned for her compassion and ability to work holistically, considering her patient’s overall health, not only their oral health. She is committed to continuing education so she can always provide the highest quality of care. Away from dentistry, Dr Sonia loves exploring the outdoors and likes to camp. She also enjoys relaxing with friends and family. Her other hobbies include bike riding.