How to Keep Your Mouth Happy This Winter

Cold winter weather can play havoc with your dental health. Follow our easy tips to keep your mouth looking and feeling great.

Avoiding Dry, Chapped Lips

Make sure you get into the habit of applying lip balm with SPF 15 or higher. Staying properly hydrated will help too, so keep a refillable bottle of water close to hand.

Reducing Tooth Sensitivity

If it hurts to breathe in the colder air or to eat cold foods, make an appointment to see our dentist. Sometimes tooth sensitivity is caused by an untreated dental problem such as tooth decay or gum disease. Using toothpaste for sensitive teeth can help too.

Dealing with Painful Mouth Ulcers

Acidic and spicy foods can be warming in winter but may trigger an attack. If you do get mouth ulcers, check with your doctor if they are a frequent occurrence.

For temporary relief mix one teaspoon of salt with half a cup of warm water to make a soothing mouth rinse.

Coping with Cold Sores

Cold or canker sores are caused by a virus, so make sure you keep your hands clean and avoid touching the cold sore. Cold weather can worsen outbreaks, so use plenty of lip balm to protect the skin around your mouth.