How to Have a Tooth-Friendly Easter

The amount of chocolate in the shops is enough to make anyone’s teeth tingle, but it is possible to enjoy some chocolate treats in moderation, and without causing too much damage to your pearly whites. Follow these easy tips for more tooth-friendly Easter.

  • Enjoy your Easter goodies with a glass of water. The water helps to neutralise the acid produced by bacteria that cause tooth decay.
  • After you have finished eating, swish your mouth vigorously with water which helps to loosen and wash away any excess pieces of sticky sweets. The longer chocolate and sweets remain on your teeth, the greater the damage as those bacteria can feast all day.
  • Resist the temptation to eat chocolate all day, as it’s better to eat it all at once. Having one big indulgence exposes your teeth to less acid than if you pace yourself and spread it out over the entire day or even the week.
  • Afterwards, wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before you brush your teeth. This is because initially your tooth enamel has been softened by the acid. As the pH levels in your mouth begin to normalise, your tooth enamel gradually re-hardens so it’s less likely you will wear away your tooth enamel when you brush.