Easter Hunt Logistics 101

If you are planning an Easter egg hunt this year, make sure you are organised to maximise the fun.

  • Begin by decorating your house with pastel, festive balloons, and don’t forget to put an Easter decoration on your front door.
  • It doesn’t matter if you choose to hide real or plastic eggs during your hunt, but it pays to be prepared and get your supplies well in advance.
  • Fill plastic eggs with sweets or small toys, or numbers that are matched to big gifts like chocolate bunnies, gift certificates, Easter books or stuffed animals.
  • Allow plenty of eggs per guest and have a few Easter baskets on hand just in case people forget to bring their own.
  • If you are hosting an Easter egg hunt for little children, make sure the eggs contain age-appropriate gifts.
  • Perhaps you are expecting younger children and teens? If so, divide the hunt into two separate sections based on age groups. This means you can select harder hiding places for older children while ensuring eggs are easy to see for the little ones.