Dental Implants – Get new teeth the smart way in Penrith

What are Dental Implants and what do they do?

Dental implants allow patients to regain their natural smile with natural stability of real teeth. Dental implants surgery is performed in stages. First of all your damaged tooth is removed. Then a very thin titanium rod or screw that is placed using careful precision into the jawbone. Once the implant root is placed, healing process starts which can take from 3-6 months. Once the root integrates into the jaw bone, it provides a solid base for your new artificial tooth. Finally the dentist installs the artificial prosthesis. After the implant surgery, you may experience some symptoms like swelling, bruising, pain or bleeding. If the symptoms gets worse, please contact us as medication or antibiotics may be required.

Implants in a range of designs

The implant can be used to support a crown, a bridge or secure dentures. They are used as a permanent replacement for one tooth or a group of missing teeth. Dental implants are a more natural alternative to dentures and actually function more like natural teeth than dentures do. They also work in such a way that they prevent possible changes in jaw shape and facial appearance caused by missing teeth. Dental Implants are becoming the standard of care for replacing missing tooth as they have very high success rate. Smokers & some patients with diabetes or poor healing capabilities are more prone to implant failures.

How we can help you with implants

At Lethbridge Dental Clinic in Penrith, our dentists use only the highest quality implant materials and techniques. If you are considering dental implants, book a consultation to discuss the procedure and we will help you to decide what is best for you, taking careful note of your medical history and situation before recommending the best option.

We also provide you with comprehensive information and advice on maintaining the quality and health of your implants because, just like normal teeth, without the appropriate care, they can develop a range of diseases such as gum disease.

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