Cosmetic Dentistry – It’s Penrith’s Time to Shine

Has the time come for you to take action and control your smile? How nice would it be if you don’t have to hide or cover your mouth when speaking to others or having your photograph taken.

You’ve come to the right place. As leaders in cosmetic dentistry in Penrith, our dentists can help you to achieve your most beautiful and natural smile, easily and affordably. Regain your confidence in all areas of your life – be it work, socializing, home and everything in between.

Take one step closer to having a smile you can be proud of.

We offer the following cosmetic dental services:

Porcelain Veneers – If your teeth are chipped, rotated or there is a gap between your teeth, you can choose Porcelain Veneers. They can help adjust the alignment, shape, size or colour of your current teeth.

Teeth Whitening – We provide two kinds of teeth whitening procedures. Phillips Zoom laser teeth whitening which is done in chair. The other is Pola Day take home teeth whitening kit. Both the methods are effective & safe. Teeth whitening may not be appropriate for all patients and it is important to discuss your options with our Penrith based team.

Teeth whitening, veneers & more

Our dentists can change the appearance of individual teeth or your entire mouth, depending on what you need, the look you desire and your suitability for certain procedures. We can rebuild and replace damaged and missing teeth improving the overall appearance as well as the feel of your mouth and teeth.

We want you to feel comfortable while you are with us so we always take the time to have a thorough chat to you before we start. We work with each patient comprehensively to determine the most suitable treatment for their needs. With up-to-date materials, technologies and techniques we will give you a smile you deserve. We also have services to help you with your veneers, assist you with Invisalign or any emergency dental work you may need completed.

Get in touch with us today to book an appointment with one of our qualified cosmetic dentists.