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Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants for Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is upsetting, but dental implants are often the best solution for replacing them. Dental implants look and feel and function much like natural teeth, and they help to protect your dental health.

When you lose teeth, your natural tooth roots are removed, and the bone that used to surround them quickly begins to resorb. This bone loss significantly affects the tooth roots and stability of adjacent teeth, and any empty gap allows your teeth to drift out of place, affecting your bite. When you lose multiple teeth, it can create that sunken-in appearance which is prematurely ageing. This is because your facial muscles in your cheeks and lips no longer have enough support from your jawbone and natural teeth.

Choosing dental implants helps to prevent jawbone loss, as the implant post acts in much the same way as a real tooth root. When we place dental implants in your jaw, they gradually bond with the bone around them, a process called osseointegration and which helps to prevent future bone loss, stimulating bone growth and preventing unwanted tooth movements. Dental implants also protect your appearance, providing the correct support for your facial muscles and alleviating that sunken-in look. Because dental implants are strong, you will be able to eat almost anything, just like your real teeth.