A cigarette to your teeth and mouth is what a burning wood log to furnace!
Periodontal disease i.e. gum diseases are the main burden the smokers invite by smoking. Because smoking weakens our immune system,
Cavity (Tooth Decay), Causes and Care!
White, healthy and strong teeth boost our confidence in daily public dealings. They are the establishment of our facial beauty
What the colour of your tongue says?
White coated tongue means dwell of stinky bacteria; a pink tongue covered with papillae and small nodules means healthy tongue
Diet, dental and dating your partner!
Context: Teeth and gums, the most crucial nut and bolts of a smiling face, which everyone’ partner would love to
When and when not to brush your teeth?
As a custom practice, we are grown up by putting in the habit of brushing our teeth in morning ideally

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